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Kenilworth is our home.

But the Kenilworth Village Board appears ready to create a tax increment financing (TIF) district along Green Bay Road that would change Kenilworth forever.

TIF districts are intended to alleviate “blight” and to revitalize economically depressed communities. That’s not Kenilworth.

In reality, TIFs divert new property tax dollars from our schools and other community needs into shadowy financing for connected developers. They last 23 years.

If implemented, the Green Bay Road TIF will:

  • Defy the vote of both Sears and New Trier school boards against the TIF
  • Raise your property tax rates and put Kenilworth taxpayers on the hook for millions in new debt
  • Fundamentally change the look and character of Kenilworth forever with high-density development and increased vehicle traffic
  • Take away Kenilworth residents’ voice in changes to our community

Kenilworth has never shied away from a challenge.

We can bring responsible, community-focused development to Green Bay Road without using a financially risky TIF.




The Green Bay Road TIF will change Kenilworth forever. It will raise property tax rates, all while diverting taxpayer dollars for 23 years into an undemocratic Village slush fund and into the pockets of well-connected private developers.

The Green Bay Road TIF is not the way we should develop our Kenilworth.

Contact the Kenilworth Village Board and tell them to oppose the Green Bay Road TIF proposal.

Kenilworth Village Board Members:

  • Ann Potter, Village President
  • Peter Shadek, Village Trustee
  • Jeff Bedwell, Village Trustee
  • Alison Winslow, Village Trustee
  • Cecily Kaz, Village Trustee
  • Tim Ransford, Village Trustee
  • Scott Lien, Village Trustee

Contact the Village Board

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End date: Jul 18, 2019

Signatures collected: 143

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The Kenilworth Village Board is considering a proposal to create a tax increment financing (TIF) district on Green Bay Road.

TIF’s are for economically depressed communities – not Kenilworth.  TIF’s are risky, and not the financially conservative approach we expect in Kenilworth.

The Green Bay Road TIF will take money out of Joseph Sears School and New Trier High School, raise property taxes and fundamentally change the character of our Kenilworth with high-density development.

Sign the petition today to oppose the Green Bay Road TIF. The petitions will be delivered to the Kenilworth Village Board.


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What is TIF?

TIF is a mechanism municipalities can utilize to provide developers with economic incentives in order to redevelop “blighted” or economically troubled areas determined unlikely to see private development without financial incentives from taxpayers.

When a TIF is designated, the Equalized Assessed Value, or EAV, of all properties in the TIF district is frozen for a period of 23 years. This caps the property tax revenue that flows to local taxing bodies, like school districts. Any property tax revenue that is generated above the EAV is directed into a TIF fund. From there, subsidies are delivered to private developers and companies to incentivize development in the TIF district.

What are the problems with TIFs?

  • TIFs often fall short of their economic development promises.
  • TIFs have frequently been abused through corruption in Chicago and elsewhere.
  • Because of property tax revenue lost to TIF funds public school districts are suffer underfunding or are forced to look for alternate funding sources.
  • While intended for the redevelopment of “blighted” land that in economically depressed communities, the vagueness of the standards of “blighted” areas has led to TIF districts being created in affluent areas.
  • The “but for” standard for TIF districts, which is intended to ensure a TIF demonstrates that economic development would not happen “but for” the existence of the TIF, are too relaxed and often lead to the abuse and misuse of TIFs.
  • A general lack of transparency throughout the TIF process opens the door for the abuse of TIF funds.

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